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The ideal health drink for everyone over 40

When you hit 40, your body starts to change. Ever so gently Mother Nature applies a biological handbrake:

  • You suffer wear and tear – lines on your face and aches in your joints? Could that be damage from ‘free radicals’ inside and out?
  • Your hormones change – fluctuating oestrogen levels mean you could put on 1-2lbs every year until the age of 55 – mainly around the tummy.
  • You are less active – you lose muscle, you feel less energetic and performance slows.
  • Your metabolism slows – and to add insult to injury your metabolic rate also starts to slow as you get older. To stay the same weight you have a choice – either stop eating so much, or boost your metabolic rate back up again.

So if all this is inevitable, should you just give in? Swallow your pride and go shopping for larger clothes and a big pair of sunglasses? Stop! Don’t give in. You’re not just fighting for your face and waist now. Your health is at stake too.

Many of the so-called ‘killer’ diseases are related to weight or the type of food you eat, including diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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